Change is a good thing…

Hey guys. Happy Sunday!

I know it’s been a while,  (ok, lets be real, way too long) since my last post but I’m very excited to announce that Lois Loves Will has relocated to LA! It has always been a goal of mine to move to California, so here we are. Aside from finding a new production team for the line, I’ve also been doing some major soul searching for what I’d like the online shop/brand to ultimately become.

So what’s my vision for Lois Loves Will? I’m currently working on making more of a lifestyle shop.  To be honest with you all, the last couple months have been quite life changing for me which as you can imagine, has been both daunting and scary, as well as exciting and challenging. Now that I’m a couple months in, I’m choosing to refocus my energy on the positive side of things and trying to steer clear of any negativity.

Let’s be honest, life can be a real bitch some times, but my hopes are with this relaunch Lois Love Will will become a very happy space for us all. An online shop that is not only full of pretty things but more importantly uplifting, and meaningful merchandise that can help us navigate our way through life together.


So aside from offering amazing women’s apparel, I am in the works of sourcing some great accessory, home decor and gift vendors for the site. I would love for Lois Loves Will to become the place you stop by any time you have a big or small event happening in your life. Your best friend just had her first babe and are looking for a cool gift that you can’t find else where. You need a cute dress for your friends engagement party, or maybe your girlfriend is going through a really hard break up and want to send her a little care package full of yummy bath products, a mantra band, and an uplifting print.

While this evolution will certainly take a little bit of time, I am very much looking forward to it and can’t wait to share the relaunch with you guys within the next month!

Talk soon,