How Do You Want To Feel?

Happy New Year guys!

I have to admit, I’ve been suffering from a slight case of the holiday blues. We had such a great time relaxing with family and friends, and is always a bit sad when it all comes to an end. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this today, heading back in to reality after any extensive time off can be rough.

Instead of loathing in a state of sadness all morning, I decided to turn my thoughts towards the potential and possibilities of the New Year. I got myself all cozied up in my favorite chair next to our fire place, lit my favorite candle and poured myself a hot cup of matcha tea.

I grabbed my new pretty planner I got as a Christmas gift, and I started to write. I am currently using this gem, “What Will I Do To Feel the Way I Want to Feel.” (If you’re looking for a more concrete, dig deep kinda planner, this one is a goodie.)

I opted for this planner because it is much more than a way to track your to-do list. It uses a method of setting intentions , creativity, goals, rituals, etc. that is pretty much backward from most, which I kinda love.

Instead of setting the actual goal of what you want, for example ” I want my business to make X amount this year,” this instead initially asks a different question.

“What are your core desired feelings?”

This got me thinking…how do I want to feel? I mean REALLY want to FEEL. Not at a surface level but what is my soul truly yearning for.

I came up this. What I really want is to feel peace, creativity, health, love, and inspiration.

Every. singe. day. You know, kind of like this…

In the past I’ve set a goal because I believe that if I accomplish it, it will some how magically bring me contentment or even acceptance perhaps. The thing is that more often than not, I end up disappointed and unfulfilled once achieved.

But why?

Well, I think it might be because a lot of our initial dreams are made up of material bullshit. You know the stuff that really ends up unfulfilling in the long run?

While on other hand, some of our dreams/goals are in fact made up of realness. A true representation of how we want to feel. For example we dream of financial abundance because we want to feel free and self efficent. We dream of a home by the beach because we crave inner peace.

These things make sense!

It is resulting in something beyond impressing others, appearing to others in a certain way, or proving to others you can do something. These are the things that actually light US up and bring in the magic to OUR souls.

So as I continue to set my goals and intentions, I am making it my purpose to get in touch with my true self and really connect with the part of me that knows how I want to feel.

I want to be certain I am creating a life I truly want and admire for myself, not for any one else.

Wishing you all an amazing New Year!