Getting Out Of Your Own Way

For as long as I can remember, I have been on a quest to find happiness. I’m talking about real genuine happiness within myself. Not the temporary kind I’ve fallen hostage to. You know the “Once I” kind of happiness. Once I find my dream guy and get married, then I will be happy. Or once my clothing line is in X amount of stores, then I will surely be fulfilled.

While finding your spouse and having a career you love are important, the “Once I” mentalities have a way of tricking us in to believing that these are the things that are going to fill our voids and create real happiness in our lives. And while they may help, that is not the path to consistent bliss.

What’s actually keeping us from finding our true happiness is as simple as this. Ourselves. We are constantly getting in our own way, and self sabotaging our chance at finding real joy and contentment in our lives.

For years, I found myself caught up in habitual ways of thinking and feeling that dominated my everyday life. As much as I tried, I could not get my mind to shut the fuck up. Constantly worrying about things out of my control, endless anxiety, and negative self talk, were flowing through my head all day, every day.

My inner critic was my internal guide for a VERY long time. The constant, you’re not good enough, no way can you do that, Morgan kind of commentary. I mean, no wonder I wasn’t happy!

Fast forward to now, and my current headspace is much different. The second I feel any kind of negativity creep in, (this will still happen no matter how much work you put in) I immediately acknowledge the thought for what it is, and say “that is not my true self telling me that.” That is the impostor trying to convince me of something that is false. I then change my thought process to something positive and move along with my day.

And here’s what I discovered.

Once you get out of the way, you stop resisting life. The focus shifts from what you don’t have to what is here and available. You no longer doubt everything but instead you receive what life offers you.


And rather than living in the mind-created past or future, you are available to the simplicity of this now moment.

Unclouded by mental noise, you become crystal clear about what to do next. You tell the truth about what is and isn’t working. And you take practical steps to begin truly living.

As I became aware of habits that were hijacking my happiness, I discovered why certain things in my life weren’t going quite as I had hoped and began making different choices. I realized how fear had been keeping me from living fully. I began seeing everything through the eyes of love.

Really, guys this is the truth. When you get out of the way, your life will shine…and this is when the authentic magic starts to happen.