Creating Your Own Magical Space

One of the words I’ve chosen to live by this new year is “Magic.” Magic in my every day. Magic in the places I travel, the food I cook, the relationships I have with people. I want it to be present in every aspect of my life.

When I say magic I don’t necessarily mean all things woo-woo however I am in to some of that. I’m talking more about an actual feeling. The feeling of being lit up by my surroundings, by the music I listen to, the books I read. Really just adding more things to my life that make me feel good and inspired by the world.

One way I’m planning on doing this is by creating my own little space of magic. I’m in the process of reworking my existing studio/dressing room and turning it in to a place that I really want to spend time in. A place I can feel comfortable, creative, and at peace..

I am all about the canopy. My plan is to create a cozy space in one of the corners of my room where I can hang my canopy, cover the floor with cozy floor pillows and blankets, and create the ultimate workspace, library, meditation/prayer corner, relaxation room.

Here is my little mood board for my “magic space.” I love soft neutrals so much. Thinking whites, blushes and golds.

How pretty is this crystal chandelier? Would be perfect to hang from the center of the canopy for it’s prettiness and good vibes. I’m always in to a good boho feel so will add lots of cozy textures…thinking a Moroccan style pillow cover with a soft blush throw.


Things I’ve already purchased

This canopy

This shag throw

This moroccan floor pillow cover

This star and moon projector

And considering getting that pretty rose quartz chandelier!

Stat tuned for the finished product:)

What are some things you guys are incorpating in your life for 2018? Would love to know!